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Download Hardcore Java by Robert Simmons PDF

By Robert Simmons

Makes a speciality of the little-touched yet severe components of the Java programming language that the specialist programmers use. know about tremendous robust and helpful programming recommendations equivalent to mirrored image, complicated info modeling, complex GUI layout, and complicated elements of JDO, EJB, and XML-based net consumers. This precise booklet finds the genuine wizardry at the back of the advanced and sometimes mysterious Java setting - O'Reilly site.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to turn assertions on and off in a running system; however, you can easily find out whether they are on by using the little assertion trick shown here: boolean ASSERTIONS = false; assert ASSERTIONS = true; The assert expression here evaluates to true and will not throw an assertion error at any time. If assertions are enabled then the code will run and ASSERTIONS will be set to true. If assertions are disabled, then the code won't be executed and ASSERTIONS will remain false.

Null); // check post condition. return result; } } In this code, the method checks the return value against a post-condition before returning the value. If the value is still null after all of the work, the assertion will toss an error. substring(valueIdx + 1))); } } } } In this code, you have a method that parses the arguments to the program and looks for system properties to set. property to the value 5. The method that does the actual work is a protected helper method that checks the arguments to the method for validity using assertions.

There are also four private helper methods: handleSomeBtn( ), handleOKBtn( ), buildContents( ), and buildMenu( ). Everything in this class is okay until someone wants to modify the class. For example, what if I only want to change the functionality of the handleOKbtn( ) method and reuse the rest of the class? In this case, I would basically have to reimplement the entire dialog. Accessing the button instance itself is impossible, so I wouldn't be able to rebuild the actionPerfomed( ) method. Furthermore, since the helper method is private, I can't access that either.

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