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Properties The pure acetylene has a faint odour of ether but the commercial grade gas supplied in cylinders has phosphine, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia as impurities giving the characteristic garlic smell. Acetylene is soluble in water and organic solvents. 9, VP = 40 atmos. 5-81%, IT = 305°C. Detection methods Flammable gas monitor. Chemical reaction tubes. Small leaks can be detected by its characteristic smell. 5 to 81%, fire and explosion represents the greatest risk when using this gas. Fortunately, the characteristic garlic smell of acetylene allows small leakages to be detected and located by means of an application of a soap solution onto the pipe or joint.

This complex is non-dialysable and requires the technique of exchange transfusion for its removal. Arsenic is toxic to many organs particularly the central nervous system, heart, liver and kidneys. The effect on the kidneys is very obvious, producing an arsine-induced anuria (failure to produce a normal urine flow). This anuria may be due to either a direct effect on the tubular cells of the kidneys, or a massive release of an arsenichaemoglobin-haptoglobin complex which precipitates out in the lumen of the kidney tubule.

They are meant to be used once for short duration work periods. (b) Half and full faced filter masks usually fitted with a prefilter and a filter cartridge containing absorbent material which will adsorb or trap a specified dust, fume or gas. These masks are designed to be used in atmospheres where the maximum concentration of the contaminant is known and where there is no deficiency of oxygen present in the air. The filters fitted to these masks are colour coded for the type of gas or fumes they trap and they have a specific working life measured in hours.

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