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Download Historical Dictionary of Terrorism by Sean Anderson PDF

By Sean Anderson

This 3rd variation of historic Dictionary of Terrorism considerably expands at the moment variation via a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and 1000s of cross-referenced dictionary entries on significant terrorist teams, major terrorist occasions, assorted varieties of terrorism, cyber-terrorism, and counterterrorism. This e-book could have vast charm for presidency officers, scholars and researchers, and reporters.

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1 in Beslan, Russia. On 3 September Russian forces storm the school after explosives detonate in the school. At least 335 people are killed, including 32 of the hostage takers, and at least 719 people injured. 9 September: Car bombing outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, kills nine people and injures more than 150. Responsibility is claimed by Jemaah Islamiya. 8 October: Two suicide bombers recruited by a Palestinian extremist strike a hotel and a campsite frequented by Israeli tourists at the Red Sea resort of Taba, Egypt, killing 34 people, mainly Israeli tourists and Egyptian workers, and injuring 171 others.

On hearing gunfire early the morning of 26 October, Russian security forces begin a rescue effort using fentanyl narcotic gas, resulting in the deaths of 127 hostages and 33 of the 34 attackers. Two other hostages had been murdered by the rebels. 28 November: In Kenya al Qa’eda launches a three-man suicide truck bombing of a seaside hotel in Mombasa, killing 13 people and injuring 80 others. Another al Qa’eda team simultaneously launches a shoulder-fired Strela-2 surface-to-air missile at an Israeli-chartered Boeing 757 taking off from Moi airport CHRONOLOGY • xlv with 271 passengers returning to Israel, which misses the plane.

1931 21–23 February: First recorded hijacking of an airplane: rebel soldiers in Peru force two American pilots to fly them about and to drop propaganda leaflets over Lima. 1938 9–10 November: German Nazis undertake Kristallnacht terror against German Jews, smashing shop windows of Jewish-owned businesses and burning synagogues. This marks the beginning of genocidal policy against Jews as part of Nazi state terror lasting until the collapse of the Third Reich in May 1945. 1939 January–1940 February Irish Republican Army carries out first major bombing campaign within England proper with more than 50 bombings of public places within a 13-month period.

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