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By Beauchot, Mauricio OP


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This is also true of the Problemata moralia ex mente Aritotelis, an independent work in which Hernandez combines elements of the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle which was typical of the humanist and Renaissance style of the time. Platonic elements are present in his neoplatonic essay on love, which Hernandez regarded as Stoic (recall that the Stoics, too, were interested in the connections between the thought of Plato and Aristotle). 87. Marcel Bataillon, "Vasco de Quiroga et Bartolome de las Casas," Revista de Historia de America 33 (1952): 83-95; G.

A war to liberate the Indians from this unjust government was justified. In fact, only if these governments They were in almost the same state, way, and condition; not only concerning slaves but also the election of caciques, the men or principals who were to be chosen; also for them being content with the little they possessed, the same applies today, although it is little, without concerning themselves of tomorrow; they had a healthy contempt and lack of interest for the things so desired and adored in our mixed up world, the things of our world, with all the ambition, the arrogance, the pomp, the vainglory, the hustle and bustle.

81 What has been referred to as Quiroga's 'socialism' or 'communism' is perhaps more accurately called a sense of community (comunitarismo) because it really consists of community work accompanied by a highly developed sense of social consciousness: "Quiroga looked for the creation of a better society. " Ibid. 80. Zavala, Utopia de TomdsMoro. 81. "En los 'hospitales-pueblo' se imparte salud. Salud fisica en la estancia especial destinada para ello; salud mental dentro del regimen organizado en el que se planean diversiones yjuegos, ocupacion del tiempo libre, vacaciones, descanso semanal; salud (•spiritual a traves del reposo y la tranquilidad, la meditation, el estudio contemplativo de la naturaleza, salud porque se minimizan o restringen en extremo el sufrimiento y el dcsajuste al considerar los factores edad, sexo, capacidad fisica, preferencias afectivas, en el reparto de las tareas profesionales.

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