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Download Hollow Planets: A Feasibility Study of Possible Hollow by Jan P. Lamprecht, Billy B. Baty PDF

By Jan P. Lamprecht, Billy B. Baty

The good English astronomer, Sir Edmund Halley first proposed the Earth can be hole. Later the good mathematician, Leonhard Euler speculated approximately this, as did the scientist, Sir John Leslie. Jules Verne's vintage story 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' was once according to Leslie's principles. a few religions continue, to at the present time, significant Underworld exists contained in the Earth. this is often supported through a wealthy number of legends and folklore from all continents. Scientists say all planets are reliable. may technology be improper? This ebook is an in-depth evaluation of many papers from technological know-how journals of the top reputation. It includes interviews with many best scientists in fields as diversified as seismology and astronomy. the result of this learn will ship your brain reeling. will we stay in a sunlight process composed of hole Planets? this can good be the 1st scholarly & medical research right into a actual foundation for the hole planets, which have been formerly in simple terms myths. This six hundred web page reference ebook has stuck not just the eye of scientists around the globe, yet media stars akin to Jeff Rense of Sighting and paintings Bell. might be in line with the evidence awarded during this ebook, "everything we have been ever taught is wrong!"

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He claims that when this original plate is reproduced fully, one then sees a chunk of land on the right-hand side. He reproduces this fuller version of the photograph in his book. Herbert then states that this clearly shows the ‘submerged island’ to be a glacier resting on dry land! In this version of the photograph one can indeed see an enormous piece of dark rock which is many times taller than Cook’s companions. Judging by the slope of the rock, it seems as if this is the edge of a much higher hill of great size.

On each occasion its reality was so great that no one doubted it was real – except when they realized they could not reach it. 38 There is one final aspect which makes the description of Crocker Land unlike anything ever seen before. Its sheer dimensions are staggering. MacMillan describes it as covering at least 120 degrees of horizon. In his final sighting the frontage seems to be even greater. I know of no mirage with a frontage that wide. It covered a full one-third of a circle, if not more.

Polar mirages are therefore a reflection or distortion of something physical. Yes, Crocker Land is a mirage, But a mirage of what? We are not dealing with magic and witchcraft. We are dealing with science, and Crocker Land remains unexplained in scientific terms, especially when we take into account MacMillan’s multiple sightings. Why should the same land be seen continually in only this one direction? This consistency suggests that this mirage is indeed related to something physical. The sea-ice theory is flawed, but no one has been able to better it yet.

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