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By James A. Haugt

From the Catholic-Protestant killings in Northern eire to the Hindu-Sikh-Muslim massacres in India, from the Orthodox-Catholic-Muslim horror within the former Yugoslavia to the department Davidian cult tragedy in Waco, Texas, faith continues to be a robust strength that pits humans opposed to each other. Award-winning journalist James A. Haught has chronicled the numerous fresh surges of non secular hostility during this vital quantity

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It is about religion. It is also about vengeance and the insatiable, self-perpetuating thirst to settle old scores. Each new act of retributive cruelty fuels the lust among its victims' kin to find satisfaction in a counteratrocity .... "The Slavs are of the same race. They look alike, live alike, talk the same language, bleed the same color. Only their religion divides them. And that may be history's greatest irony. , *The Christian Century (book excerpt), June 15-22, 1994, p. 609. 43 J The destruction of a residential community in Vukovar, Croatia.

We could become schizophrenic from changes like these," Zagreb University psychologist Mirjana Krizmanic remarked. After the first year of fighting, Bosnian authorities estimated the death toll at 200,000. About three million people had fled as refugees. The center of the former Yugoslavia was devastated, just as Lebanon had been wrecked by religious tribal war a decade earlier. For example, at the north-central Bosnian industrial city of Banja Luka, Orthodox militants obliterated history by blowing up two Muslim mosques built in the 1500s.

In Bosnia, Chairman Alija lzetbegovic has declared that his goal is the creation of an Islamic fundamentalist state. "* After a period as allies, Muslim and Croat militias began killing each other. , *Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April23, 1993 . 33 towns, and Muslim brigades retaliated against Croat civilians. At Stupni Do, a Bosnian mountain village about a dozen miles north of Sarajevo, Croat troops hacked and clubbed all civilians to death, including children; burned their bodies; and destroyed the town.

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