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By V. H. T. James, J. R. Pasqualini

Hormonal Steroids comprises the plenary and symposium lectures dropped at the 5th overseas Congress on Hormonal Steroids held at New Delhi on October 30 to November four, 1978.
The plenary lectures comprise biochemical activities of trophic hormones and steroids on steroid construction and spermatogenesis in testes; chemical reactions of steroids which imitate the selectivity of enzymatic modifications; and human chorionic gonadotrophin and ovarian and placental steroidogenesis. Symposia papers include of water-soluble steroidal anesthetics; quality controls of radioimmunoassay of hormones in reproductive body structure; automation of steroid radioimmunoassay for scientific and examine reasons; non-radioisotopic homogeneous steroid immunoassays; mechanisms excited by the rules of steroid receptor degrees; and metabolic results of corticosteroid remedy in post-menopausal girls.

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Ramakrishnan, and C. Das. The photomicrographs were taken by Dr. P. D. Gupta. , New York and the Family Planning Foundation of India. REFERENCES 1. Braunstein G. , Rasor J. and Wade M. : Presence Fig. 7. Effect of anti-hCG antibodies on the conversion in normal testes of a chorionic gonadotropin like subof pregnenolone to progesterone by human chorionic tisstance distinct from human luteinizing hormone. N. sue in organ culture. Seven-week old villous tissue segEng. J. Med. 293 (1975) 1339-1343.

This function could easily be secondary to shifts in calcium and phosphorus into muscle, but so far this has not been adequately demonstrated and must remain as an important area for future investigation. It is evident that vitamin D satisfies the first three overall functions, by elevating plasma calcium and/or phosphorus concentrations. As shown in Fig. 2, vitamin D brings about the elevation of plasma calcium and phosphorus as a result of the activation of specific calcium and phosphorus pump mechanisms at intestine, bone and perhaps kidney.

44 M sucrose mitochondria from vitamin D-deficient livers (Madhok and DeLuca, unpublished) and have failed to locate any 25-hydroxylation in that highly purified subcellular fraction. We, therefore, feel that 25-hydroxylation is an exclusive property of the microsomal fraction or endoplasmic reticulum component in hepatic tissue. Originally it had been believed that the 25-hydroxylase is not markedly inhibited by carbon monoxide [55,95]. However, when a 10% oxygen atmosphere is used together with 90% carbon monoxide as compared to 90% nitrogen and 10% oxygen, there is a marked inhibition of the 25-hydroxylase as shown in Fig.

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