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Control actions are determined by planned production schedules and power exchange agreements among participating utilities. automatic level control (ALC ) a feedback system where an RF signal from a source is sampled, detected, and sent to a voltage controlled attenuator to maintain a constant amplitude output over a specified band of frequencies. automatic repeat request (ARQ) an error control scheme for channels with feedback. The transmitted data is encoded for error detection and a detected error results in a retransmission request.

APD See avalanche photodiode. aperiodic convolution the convolution of two sequences. See convolution. , one for which x(t) = x(t + T ). This means that the signal x(t) has a property that is changed by a time shift T . See also periodic signal. aperiodic waveform this phrase is used to describe a waveform that does not repeat itself in a uniform, periodic manner. Compare with periodic waveform. aperture (1) an opening to a cavity, or wave-guide, from which radiation is either received or transmitted.

The power to the winding may be controlled by various means including a timer, centrifugal switch, current sensing relay, or voltage (counter EMF) sensing relay. availability the probability that a system is operating correctly and is available to perform list functions at the instant of time t. Also defined as the value 1 − outage See also outage. available bit rate (ABR) ATM congestion control algorithm that enables a source to discover the bit rate available between it and a destination in a network.

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