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Download Industrial Security: Managing Security in the 21st Century by David L. Russell, Pieter C. Arlow PDF

By David L. Russell, Pieter C. Arlow

A finished and functional advisor to defense association and making plans in commercial plants

  • Features simple definitions concerning plant security
  • Features Countermeasures and reaction methods
  • Features amenities and gear, and protection organization
  • Topics coated are acceptable to a number of kinds of commercial plants
  • Illustrates functional options for assessing and comparing monetary and company risks

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The regulatory community often seeks to reduce public risk through increased regulation. ” Two quick examples will suffice: According to the National Highway Transportation Board Report Number DOTHS809835, the mandated new technologies for passenger cars and light trucks issued between 1968 and 2002 cost an estimated $750,782 dollars per life saved in 2002 by implementing these newer technologies. 2 Value at Risk Industry generally uses a more direct type of risk benefit analysis. It is often simply called risk analysis or risk assessment, and the scope, the focus, and the costs are generally better than most government figures because industrial practice forces constrain the estimates to be relevant, reasonable, and focused on the facilities and the outcomes of specific events on those facilities.

Each of these is further refined into high, medium, and low categories. 3. The threats are ranked in order of their significance when the resources are accounted for in each of the categories. The purpose is to help delineate the threat categories and separate the rumored threats or theoretical threats from the actual threats. There are modifiers for the threats that are known as force multipliers. These are funding, assets, and technology. 3 SANDIA National Laboratory risk assessment tablea Resources Commitment Threat level Intensity Stealth Knowledge Time Technical personnel Cyber Kinetic Access 1 H H Years to decades Hundreds H H H 2 H H Years to decades Tens of Tens M H M 3 H H Months to years H M M 4 M H Weeks to months Tens H M M Tens of Tens 5 H M Weeks to months Tens M M M 6 M M Weeks to months Ones M M L 7 M M Months to years Tens L L L 8 L L Days to weeks Ones L L L The shades indicate relative importance the deeper shading indicates higher priority.

The mean of the cost = (Cmax + Cmin)/2. • Variance of the cost = σ2(Cost) = (1/12) × [(Cps − Cb)/Cb]2. • The probability that the cost will be equal or less than a specific figure is Probability cost X X Cmin Cmax Cmin where X is a real number in currency, as are the other figures. 3 million, we can estimate that the total cost of the plant replacement with cleanup from a devastating incident would be $65 million. 3: So under the assumptions above, at an 80% risk level, there is a 70% chance that the total costs for the scenario we described is equal to or less than $65 million.

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