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Download Integrable Problems of Celestial Mechanics in Spaces of by T.G. Vozmischeva PDF

By T.G. Vozmischeva

Introd uction the matter of integrability or nonintegrability of dynamical structures is without doubt one of the important difficulties of arithmetic and mechanics. Integrable instances are of substantial curiosity, when you consider that, through interpreting them, you could learn common legislation of habit for the recommendations of those structures. The classical method of learning dynamical structures assumes a look for particular formulation for the ideas of movement equations after which their research. This procedure influenced the improvement of recent parts in arithmetic, similar to the al­ gebraic integration and the idea of elliptic and theta features. nonetheless, the qualitative equipment of learning dynamical structures are a lot genuine. It used to be Poincare who based the qualitative idea of differential equa­ tions. Poincare, figuring out qualitative equipment, studied the issues of celestial mechanics and cosmology during which it's specifically vital to appreciate the habit of trajectories of movement, i.e., the strategies of differential equations at countless time. particularly, starting from Poincare structures of equations (in reference to the learn of the issues of ce­ lestial mechanics), the right-hand elements of which do not rely explicitly at the autonomous variable of time, i.e., dynamical platforms, are studied.

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21) in involution, i. , {h,h} = O. If the functions h, ... : h(p, q, t) = i = 1, ... 21) are integrated by quadratures. ei, 3. Integrability 27 The theorem formulated in [28] generalizes the above cited theorem. Theorem 11 Let lR2n be the phase space of a Hamiltonian system with the standard symplectic structure and the Hamiltonian H(p, q, t). Let the system have n integrals of motion h, 12, .. · ,fn such that {/i, fj} = I: cfjfk , k Cij = const . k If the functions h, 12, ... , In are independent on the set M~ = {(p, q, t) E lR2n X lR: h(P, q, t) = ei, i = 1, ...

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