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Download Invasion (Magic the Gathering: Invasion Cycle, Book 1) by J. Robert King PDF

By J. Robert King

The Phyrexian nightmare begins.

Dominaria faces its largest hazard -- an invasion by way of its maximum enemy, an assault deliberate for eons through cruel foes. nobody is exempt from their terror. No land is secure from their onslaught. within the shadow of the Phyrexian horde, Dominaria has yet one desire -- the Weatherlight and her team. The time has come to shield fire and residential from invasion.

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The captain of the guard glared past the madman to the rail of the airship. "Ho, there! Give account! Who are you, and what is this ... thing? " A wry laugh came from above. Gerrard set one booted foot on the rail, leaned on his knee, and smiled. " He rolled up his left sleeve, displaying the Capashen tattoo—a tower with seven windows. "I learned to fight there, in the lower yard, and I learned to tryst there, in the grotto. This is Weatherlight, ancient airship and Benalia's greatest defender.

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