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By M. Goorsky

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Cumulative Subject and Author Indexes for Volumes 1-38

Those indexes are helpful volumes within the serial, bringing jointly what has been released over the last 38 volumes. They comprise a preface by means of the editor of the sequence, an writer index, a topic index, a cumulative checklist of bankruptcy titles, and listings of contents by means of quantity. summary: those indexes are worthy volumes within the serial, bringing jointly what has been released over the last 38 volumes.

Many-Body Schrödinger Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensates

At tremendous low temperatures, clouds of bosonic atoms shape what's referred to as a Bose-Einstein condensate. lately, it has turn into transparent that many differing kinds of condensates -- so referred to as fragmented condensates -- exist. as a way to inform no matter if fragmentation happens or now not, it will be significant to resolve the total many-body Schrödinger equation, a role that remained elusive for experimentally proper stipulations for a few years.

The Theory of Coherent Atomic Excitation (two-volume set)

This ebook examines the character of the coherent excitation produced in atoms by way of lasers. It examines the unique temporary version of excited-state populations with time and with controllable parameters comparable to laser frequency and depth. The dialogue assumes modest previous wisdom of hassle-free quantum mechanics and, in a few sections, nodding acquaintance with Maxwell's equations of electrodynamics.

Electron-Electron Correlation Effects in Low-Dimensional Conductors and Superconductors

Advances within the physics and chemistry of low-dimensional structures were particularly brilliant within the previous few many years. thousands of quasi-one-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional platforms were synthesized and studied. the most well-liked representatives of quasi-one-dimensional fabrics are polyacethylenes CH [1] and accomplishing donor-acceptor molecular crystals TIF­ z TCNQ.

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Subsequently, several examples of the RFQ-based implanters will be introduced, with an emphasis on the ladder IH-RFQ accelerator at Peking University, of which the output beam energy spread is optimized to be much lower than the conventional value by means of a novel beam dynamics design strategy. The chapter is divided into 6 sections, which are the introduction, advantages of RFQ as implanter, problems and solutions of RFQ-based implanters, several RFQs aiming at ion implantation, ladder IH-RFQ at Peking University, and summary.

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