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By John Zukowski

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Whenever the area is resized, the components within it are resized. Figure 1-12 shows an example before and after resizing. 4 contains all the details about GridLayout. 3 BorderLayout BorderLayout is one of the more unusual layouts provided. It is the default layout for Window, along with its children, Frame and Dialog. BorderLayout provides five areas to hold components. These areas are named after the four different borders of the screen, North, South, East, and West, with any remaining space going into the Center area.

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1 What's a Java Applet? 5 Audio inApplications 483 15. 2 The Peer Interfaces 497 16. 7 Reading and Writing the Clipboard 510 17. 1 PrintGraphics Interface . 5 Printing Arbitrary Content 518 18. applet Reference 520 Applet 527 AppletContext 531 AppletStub 533 AudioClip 535 19. awt Reference 536 AWTError 536 AWTEvent H 537 AWTEventMulticaster H 541 AWTException 553 Adjustable H 553 BorderLayout 557 Button 562 Canvas 564 CardLayout 566 Checkbox 571 CheckboxGroup 576 CheckboxMenuItem 577 Choice 580 Color 585 Component 592 Container 619 Cursor H 629 Dialog 633 Dimension 636 Event 639 EventQueue H 652 FileDialog 653 Flow Layout 657 Font.

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