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Download Java Garage by Eben Hewitt PDF

By Eben Hewitt

Input your Java Garage... the place you do your paintings, no longer anyone else's... the place you scan and tinker... the place paintings is ready ardour, serendipity, inspiration... the place you in achieving greatness with Java, not only competence. Your mentor, instructor, sherpa: Eben Hewitt, Java architect, in a position to bounce tall item versions in one sure, and train you ways to do it, too. What you are going to examine: purely the easiest how you can get it performed with J2SE 1.5 sessions, inheritance, interfaces, sort conversions, occasion dealing with, exceptions, dossier I/O, multithreading, internal sessions, Swing, JARs, every little thing that issues. imagine 'zine. imagine web publication. yet, please, don't consider the other Java publication you've ever visible.

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There is also the modulus operator, which looks like this: %. If you can't remember modulus, which actually comes in handy with surprising frequency, it is used to return the remainder of performing a division operation. For example, 10 % 3 = 1, because 10 divided by 3 is 3 (which we don't care about) with a remainder of 1 (which is what we care about when we use modulus). There's one more thing: you can use a special shorthand in combination with any of the arithmetic operators (excluding modulus) to modify an existing value.

But the section 23A of the Law of Tech Book Writing states that all programming authors must talk about operators. Okay. I'll make you a deal. We'll play nice, and deal with operators, and just get it over with as painlessly as possible. Java features operators for arithmetic, incrementing and decrementing, logical operations, and bitwise operations. First, let's take care of the unpleasant business of operator precedence. < Day Day Up > < Day Day Up > Operator Precedence The compiler will follow certain rules when determining how to execute a mathematical statement containing multiple operators.

Day Day Up > < Day Day Up > Logical Representations The boolean is the only logical primitive type in Java, meaning it is capable of helping you perform logical operations. boolean The only type used to represent true and false values in Java is boolean. The word is written out completely, not shortened to bool as in C++, C"docList">Possible values are true or false. Default value is false. Note that in Java, the boolean values are literals: you may not substitute a 0 for false or a 1 for true as in other languages.

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