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Download Java Native Interface: Programmer's Guide and Specification by Sheng Liang PDF

By Sheng Liang

The Java local Interface (JNI) permits the combination of code written within the Java programming language with code written in different languages resembling C and C++. It permits programmers to take complete good thing about the Java platform with no need to desert their funding in legacy code. This ebook is the definitive source and a complete consultant to operating with the JNI. solely up to date, the publication deals an educational, an in depth description of JNI gains and programming innovations, JNI layout justifications, and the reputable specification for all JNI kinds and services.

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You can use the javap tool (shipped with JDK or Java 2 SDK releases) to generate the field descriptors from class files. Normally javap prints out the method and field types in a given class. If you specify the -s option (and the -p option for exposing private members), javap prints JNI descriptors instead: javap -s -p InstanceFieldAccess This gives you output containing the JNI descriptors for the field s: ... s Ljava/lang/String; ... Using the javap tool helps eliminate mistakes that can occur from deriving JNI descriptor strings by hand.

To call a instance method defined in a superclass, you do the following: • Obtain the method ID from a reference to the superclass using GetMethodID, as opposed to GetStaticMethodID. • Pass the object, superclass, method ID, and arguments to one of the family of nonvirtual invocation functions, such as CallNonvirtualVoidMethod, CallNonvirtualBooleanMethod, and so on. It is relatively rare that you will need to invoke the instance methods of a superclass. f(); CallNonvirtualVoidMethod can also be used to invoke constructors, as the next section will illustrate.

May return a copy of the string. 1 GetStringLength Returns the number of Unicode characters in the string. 1 GetStringUTFLength Returns the number of bytes needed (not including the trailing 0) to represent a string in the UTF-8 format. String instance that contains the same sequence of characters as the given Unicode C string. String instance that contains the same sequence of characters as the given UTF-8 encoded C string. 1 GetStringCritical ReleaseStringCritical Obtains a pointer to the contents of a string in Unicode format.

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