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By Douglas Dunn

This publication is a treasure. in order to fairly develop into heavily acquainted with Java info, then get this e-book!

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However, “Java provides the full power of the language” during initialization of a class or object. 12 Care must be exercised, therefore, that the methods invoked in variable initializers and initialization blocks do not reference a field that is declared further down in the compilation unit. Though forward references may involve method invocation expressions, they always in either a variable initializer or an initialization block. In the case of variable initializers, the problem is always the textual order of field declarations.

The purpose of a variable declarator is to allow for more than one variable to be declared at a time. The modifier(s) and type name are the same for all of the fields or local variables declared. For example, /** Constant for the Unicode character block of the same name. UnicodeBlock class. Some programmers think that each field or local variable should be declared on a separate line. They therefore shun the use of variable declarators. While this is understandably a matter of style, I would point out that variable declarators are particularly useful in the declaration of enumerated FIELDS AND METHODS 37 types.

One assumes that the use of constant modifiers in interface types is now considered an acceptable style of coding. I would add that, if you are going to use them, you should probably use all three. When more than one field modifier is used in a declaration, “it is customary, though not required”4 to list them in the following order: [public protected private] static final transient volatile 3. ) 4. ” 36 JAVA RULES This order is not arbitrary. It reflects the order in which the modifiers are most commonly used, starting with the access modifiers and ending with volatile.

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