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Download Jihad in the West: The Rise of Militant Salafism by Frazer Egerton PDF

By Frazer Egerton

Militant Salafism is without doubt one of the most important activities in politics this day. regrettably its importance has now not been matched through realizing. to start to deal with this data deficit this ebook argues that, instead of the principally unhelpful pursuit of person 'root reasons' provided in a lot of the literature, we'd be higher served through taking a look at the criteria that experience enabled and facilitated a specific political imagery. That political imagery is one who permits members to conceive of themselves as crucial participants of an international conflict waged among the forces of Islam and the West, whatever that lies on the middle of militant Salafism. Frazer Egerton indicates how the ubiquity of recent media and the superiority of circulate have allowed for a metamorphosis of latest ideals into an ideology supportive of militant Salafism opposed to the West among Western Muslims.

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London: Atlantic Books, 2006, p. 200. Ibid. p. 207. Such accounts are not limited to Western militants. See L. , ‘Paths to Global Jihad: Radicalisation and Recruitment to Terror Networks’, FFI/RAPPORT, 2006, pp. pdf. , p. 36. The quotation is actually from R. Stark and W. Bainbridge, A Theory of Religion. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1996, p. 223. 36 What is wrong with these people? 47 For Pape, such descriptions are ultimately unsatisfactory as an explanation. He is right. The problem is not that all claims that a very individual alienation significantly contributes to militancy are without substance.

19 20 21 22 Ibid. He notes several dozen movements whose cause is immaterial, as do others noted later. M. Enzensberger, ‘The Radical Loser’. A good example of inaccurate terminology conflating a range of beliefs and practices. Dissatisfaction and despair – individual alienation 29 Ian Buruma builds upon Enzensberger’s theorising of the Radical Loser. Much of his writing on this centres on Mohammed Bouyeri, the man who first shot van Gogh and then tried to behead him with a knife. He used another knife to plant a note on his body.

The reluctance to which Laqueur refers is in fact entirely appropriate, for empirical enquiry offers very little support for such a claim. Over three decades of research by psychologists have demonstrated to all but the most determined advocates that such an approach is misplaced. There is for instance Wilfried Rasch, who examined in detail eleven German terrorists captured in the 1970s. 4 Silke reports a similar dynamic with the prosecutions of surviving Nazi leaders in Nuremberg. 5 Several years later the results of psychological testing on the same men were mixed with a selection from a sample of average Americans.

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