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Forming or heading capacity Heading capacity for any size of machine is governed not so much by the diameter of the figuring as by the total surface area to be formed and the material’s tensile strength. For example, a machine that can flare a 5/16 in. diameter solid shoulder pin in mild steel can be used to swage over the shell of a Type D flashlight battery to crimp or seal its end. It can also flange a tube or a 3 in. 030 in. Fixturing Parts placed or fed into the fixture of an orbital forming machine usually can be left freestanding and require no clamps or holddowns.

German robot leader Assembly Automation Volume 23 · Number 2 · 2003 · pp. 1108/01445150310471428 Bosch’s involvement with SCARA type robots goes back 30 years when it introduced a hydraulic-drive device for press feeding. The first Bosch SCARA to be produced in quantities, the electric drive SR800, was 166 Robotics and assembly automation at TEAM Assembly Automation Brian Rooks Volume 23 · Number 2 · 2003 · 166–171 launched in 1984 but was mainly used in its own plants. There then followed the SR60/SR80 in 1991 and in 1998 came the “Turboscara” S6/S8 with its PC-based control, which established Bosch as the German market leader in swivel arm robots.

For example, a two-plate assembly to be joined by one rivet usually requires a simple locating nest with a pocket to position the pre-formed rivet head. To orient or to secure springloaded parts before and during the assembly process, a hold-down device can be mounted onto single tool or multi-point forming heads. A simple parts compression device can also be added directly to the form tool (Figure 4). Stud placement Hard-to-reach pins can be dealt with by orbital headforming. A shoulder stud may be secured close to a vertical wall or in a recess of a part.

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