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You can purchase the whole collection or access it via subscription. There is no user limit. 37 SpecInfo Internet or Inhouse Web version Internal installation Convenient to access Increased security Requires SpecSurf XS plugin Fast Searching Flexibility For convenient access, you can subscribe to a web version that has a browser plugin. For increased security you can purchase and install the whole database on an internal server for faster searching and more flexible use. 38 Encyclopedias & Texts Wiley’s Handbook of Vibrational Spectroscopy (2002) Introduction to spectroscopy : a guide for students of organic chemistry / Donald L.

They have 3 products SLIDE. 36 Chemical Concept’s SpecData >700,000 spectra with 500,000 structures derived from multiple sources Includes spectra for 24,000 natural compounds Spectra sets: ~250,000 NMR; ~340,000 MS; ~30,000 IR; and 3,800 NIR spectra. Includes experimental conditions. Databases available by subscription or purchase No user limit. Spec Data is the largest collection of spectra that I have encountered. This library includes experimental data. You can purchase the whole collection or access it via subscription.

They can then search by SLIDE. 30 ACD’s HNMR Predictor Software HNMR predictor, also C13, P, F, N Predicts spectra from ChemSketch structure drawing Available on CD or internet via I-Lab product Can be used with NMR Manager Run sample and import into software Draw structures that you think you have Predictor will tell how well the structure and spectra match ACD is well known for predicted physical properties many listed now in Chemical Abstracts. They also have software for predicting NMR spectra – for proton, C13, F, and N.

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