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Download Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution, Vol. III: The Dictatorship by Hal Draper PDF

By Hal Draper

During this 3rd quantity of his definitive learn of Karl Marx's political notion, Hal Draper examines how Marx, and Marxism, have handled the problem of dictatorship with regards to the progressive use of strength and repression, really as this debate has established at the use of the time period "dictatorship of the proletariat." Writing along with his traditional wit and belief, Draper strips away the layers of misinterpretation and incorrect information that experience gathered through the years to teach what Marx and Engels themselves quite intended through the time period.

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L. Eisenstein, who has given us the most detailed portrait of “the first profèssional revolutionist,"emphasized that for B u onarroti “the working population played a s ubordin ate a n d evell an incidcntal rolc" in his revolutionary plan. Thc “ proletariat" mcan t the mass of the poor (“the most nllmerolls cIass"}-a good reservoir f01" barricade-fodder, for the troops who were to be wielded by the revolutionary elite. J 2 I n Buonarroti’s view, experiel1ce had shown that the people are incapable of either regenerating themselvcs m' of designating the people who mllst direct the regeneration.

T H E BEGINNING: BABEUF A N D BUONARRon But of course we are specially interested here in how the term ‘dictatorship’ was used by the early socialists a n d communists. This part of the hisíory begins exacHy where the history of the sociaIist movement begins: with Babeuf's “Conspiracy of the Equals," the fu엉t organized socialist 01. communist group. Now the importance of this episode, for OUl. present purposes, does oot lie with the Babouvist enterprise itself, but with the book which told about it, and thus educated a generation of Jacobin-communist activists who populated the secret societies of the 1 830s ílnd 1 8405.

T h e large majority of aU leftists, from any shade of pink to rcd, were for some postpon e m ent of the elections, to allow a little more time to cducate the people about the issues. After �lU, the very possibility of being heard by the people had opened up only the day b efore yesterday: the mass o f }leople, particularly the peasants and the provinces, were still blanketed by the antidemocratic propa­ ganda of royalists and pr'iests. ßlanc was for postponement of the elections. He tho‘ o f it as meaning that the Provisional Government set itself up as a “ dictato뼈al authmity "-and 45 46 Part 1: Dictatol'slzip: lts Mealling i1l 1850 he a d vo c a ted this.

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