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By Nora Crook

An illustrated dialogue of the English writer Rudyard Kipling (1867-1936) and of a few of his works. Kipling used to be offered the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907 and used to be writer of "The Jungle publication" and "Kim". Nora criminal is co-author of "Shelley's Venomed Melody".

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Burne-Jones was his 'Uncle Ned' by marriage; the young Kipling spent happy Christmases at the Burne-Joneses' London house, where he met Morris and where Burne-Jones had his studio. Christina Rossetti was 'somewhere in the background' (SM, p. 22). 11 He shares with Swinburne, D. G. Rossetti and Burne-Jones an obsession with the theme of the Fatal Woman. A notable cult book in the circle was the Wilhelm Meinhold romance Sidonia the Sorceress, translated by Lady Wilde in 1849; it was the subject of two Burne-Jones water colours.

Sartor Resartus will never become again what it was in the closing decades of the nineteenth century, the Bible of autodidacts. But it is probably less of a Great Unread now than twenty years ago. It is possible even today to empathise with the excitement that gripped the youth of the last century upon encountering Carlyle's spiritual autobiography and the philosophy of life that he retrieved from despair, not to mention the selfcongratulation upon tackling a text that had the reputation for being a milestone of eccentric obscurity.

Both Carlyle and Ruskin, for instance, use the word 'mother-naked', which Kipling picked up for 'The Disturber of Traffic'. 21 34 Kipling's Myths of Love and Death The affinities of Carlyle's social philosophy with Kipling's - the gospel of Work, Obedience, faith in the Hero- are so obvious that they often go without saying. Of course there are some important divergences (the same goes for Ruskin); Carlyle tends to use 'machinery' and 'mechanism' to foreground a contrast to the 'vital' or 'spiritual', whereas a sizable portion of Kipling's work was given over to the attempt to breathe a soul into machinery; Man, as he said in one of the last letters he wrote, was unknown in the same way 'as the internal combustion engine, every detail of which is explicable except the nature of the Spark that causes the mixture to explode'.

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