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By Zaozao Qiu

Zaozao Qiu indicates during this thesis that transition metals can mediate or catalyze the cycloaddition or coupling reactions of carboryne with alkynes or alkenes to find the money for benzocarboranes, alkenylcarboranes or dihydrobenzocarboranes. those effects signify robust options to collect necessary advanced molecules from extremely simple precursors in one operation. Carboranes have many purposes in medication. although, their detailed buildings make derivatization tough and the restricted effective artificial ways to receive useful carborane fabrics have limited purposes of carboranes inside a slender scope. This paintings breaks a brand new flooring in metal-carboryne chemistry and may have an important effect on artificial, cluster and fabrics chemistry.

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The coordination of these donor atoms in olefin may stabilize the intermediate, preventing the b-H elimination. PPh3 xs. 8 Reaction of III-1 with methyl acrylate In case of methyl acrylate, the absence of alkenylcarborane can be rationalized by the coordination of the carbonyl to the Ni atom, stabilizing the nickelacycle intermediate. Product III-6p, generated from the second molecule of methyl acrylate insertion into the Ni–Calkyl bond, was obtained by extending the reaction time to 5 days. To investigate the reaction mechanism, the following labeling experiment was performed.

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