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By Machiavelli Nicolo

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A reporter with a pocket-size mobile phone could be on the spot before a satellite truck could arrive. php) 38 Watchdog’s Guide to Investigative Reporting THE INVESTIGATIONS TOOLBOX • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Have the eyes and ears of the sleuth: Listening and watching for a story, recording goings-on; having a photographic memory helps. Websites: Used for cross-checking names, related news stories, linked business transactions, a trail of ownership, etc. Databases: Used for searching for information related to the story under investigation.

It was an issue of control of finances,” Korhonen related Geingob’s words. “There was some kind of an arrangement”. I put this to another source, who was a Swapo financial adviser at the time, and he confirmed that in his opinion Lubowski’s work at the office on that day, the walk with Geingob, and Geingob’s words, could only have related to the problem of the furniture bribes, which he came to know about later. “There was no other issue of control of Swapo finances on that day”, he recalled. ” The fact that Lubowski was shot later that day, and that the TRC found that this had been a DCC operation, combined with the fact that the DCC man Colesky and Alain Guenon had been part of the same ‘furniture operation’, convinced me that the story was hard enough to publish.

Always check the internet before going to print: In today’s world of immediate communication, it is highly likely that a similar story is on the go elsewhere; you could then expand the market value of your story by offering it overseas. Watchdog’s Guide to Investigative Reporting 39 Making a Killing: Casinos, oil, the mafia and Anton Lubowski Evelyn Groenink Evelyn Groenink hails from the Netherlands, where she won an award for her foreign correspondence from South America before co-editing Anti Apartheid News, a publication of the Dutch anti-apartheid movement (AABN) in Amsterdam.

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