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By J. T. Milek

This survey of thirteen electrooptic fabrics contains either a assessment and compilation of all fabrics homes appropriate to their use in linear (Pockels) electrooptic modulator purposes. details on real electrooptic modulator layout in addition to purposes for those fabrics, and information on fabrics displaying a quadratic (Kerr) electrooptic impact, are usually not integrated. With those regulations in brain, each try was once made to be as accomplished as attainable by using all on hand assets of literature: books, periodicals, studies, and seller literature. The documents of the digital houses info heart and entire assets of the Hughes plane corporation Library have been looked for pertinent facts, and nearly a thousand articles have been reviewed for this book. a quick creation to the survey is through an outline of the Prin­ ciples of Electrooptic Modulation, emphasizing the significance of crystal symmetry at the electrooptic houses of fabrics, and together with the relationships among the electrooptic, piezooptic, elastooptic and piezoelectric results in crystals. The survey comprises thirteen self sustaining sections, every one part overlaying the houses of 1 fabric: crystallographic, optical, electrooptic, photoelastic, piezoelectric, dielectric and thermal. References showing within the textual content are indexed on the end of every part. Tables and Figures are numbered individually for every part. v desk OF CONTENTS advent . • . . . . . 1 ideas OF ELECTROOPTIC MODULATION. five AMMONIUM DIHYDROGEN ARSENATE (ADA) . 15 AMMONIUM DIHYDROGEN PHOSPHATE (ADP).

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20 -1. 74 Achyuthan and Breazeale Ziauddin and Narasimhamurty have derived a complete set of elastooptic (strainoptic) coefficients (p .. ) using the ratio P31/Pll, the piezooptic coefficients (n .. ) lJ lJ reported by Carpenter and the elastic constants reported by Bechmann. Similarly, Achyuthan and Breazeale have derived a complete set of coefficients using their own piezooptic data and the elastic constants reported by Price and Huntington. These results are given in Table 5 along with absolute magnitude data for the elastooptic coefficients as reported by Dixon.

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