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Download Lords of the Peaks: The Essential Guide to Giants by James Maliszewski, Steve Kenson PDF

By James Maliszewski, Steve Kenson

No myth crusade is entire with no the behemoths of the realm: Giants. no matter if they're residing relics of a bygone age, the youngsters of the gods, or simply titanic enemies of mankind, giants have a task to play. yet now not all myth campaigns are alike, that's the place The Lords of the Peaks: the fundamental advisor to Giants is available in.

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Otherwise, a storm giant is most likely to levitate up above enemies, using control weather to create a fierce storm, then raining lightning bolts down upon them using call lightning. They often strike first with chain lightning, aiming it at the most powerful foe, and hitting up to fifteen others with the secondary bolts. The giant may also mix in ranged weapon attacks (like arrows or javelins) and spells, if capable of casting them. Solitary beings, storm giants rarely fight en masse. Even a small group of storm giants is a force to be reckoned with, capable of smashing fortifications, saturating a battlefield with lightning, and raising terrible storms that can do great damage in and of themselves.

Those that know of a storm giant living nearby usually steer well clear of the area, or learn to after the first terrible storm and shower of lightning bolts. Storm giants do little trading with outsiders, and when they do they generally prefer to visit settlements disguised as smaller humanoids rather than permitting outsiders to come into their homes. Environment Related to music are drama and dance. Storm giants study and create complex dance steps and movements. Their dramas often include music and dance as part of the performance.

All cloud giants have some basic training in combat and survival, along with various routine skills, so they might not choose to take up a character class until later in life. Cloud giant fighters are quite common, since martial prowess is respected among them. Cloud giant rangers are becoming more common since they are well suited to the mountainous wilderness where more and more of the giants are making their homes. Their skills are respected, but their vocation is sometimes seen as questionable, since it tends to remind cloud giants how far they have sunk from their once lofty place in the world.

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