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Download Lyapunov-Based Control of Mechanical Systems by Marcio S. de Queiroz, Darren M. Dawson, Siddharth P. PDF

By Marcio S. de Queiroz, Darren M. Dawson, Siddharth P. Nagarkatti, Fumin Zhang

The layout of nonlinear controllers for mechanical platforms has been an ex­ tremely energetic sector of study within the final 20 years. From a theoretical standpoint, this awareness could be attributed to their attention-grabbing dynamic habit, which makes them appropriate benchmarks for nonlinear keep an eye on the­ oreticians. nevertheless, fresh technological advances have produced many real-world engineering functions that require the automated con­ trol of mechanical platforms. the mechanism for de­ usually, Lyapunov-based concepts are applied as veloping varied nonlinear keep watch over constructions for mechanical structures. The attract of the Lyapunov-based framework for mechanical procedure keep an eye on de­ signal can probably be assigned to the truth that Lyapunov functionality candi­ dates can frequently be made from actual perception into the mechanics of the approach. that's, regardless of the nonlinearities, couplings, and/or the versatile results linked to the approach, Lyapunov-based thoughts can usually be used to research the steadiness of the closed-loop approach through the use of an strength­ like functionality because the Lyapunov functionality candidate. In perform, the layout technique usually has a tendency to be an iterative approach that leads to the dying of many timber. that's, the controller and energy-like functionality are frequently built in live performance to foster an helpful balance estate and/or robustness estate. thankfully, during the last 15 years, many method the­ ory and regulate researchers have worked during this region to supply quite a few layout instruments that may be utilized in numerous situations.

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Contain only bounded quantities, we can assert that T(t),Fs (t),FT (t) E L= and Bs (t) E L=. 64) contains only bounded quantities, we can say that ij(t) E L=. Thus, we can infer that all the signals remain bounded during closed-loop operation. 3 in Appendix A to show that lim q(t) = O. c2. Since, q(t), q(t) t io a where C is some constant. 76) to show that lim t t-+oo io d qd'(a) da exists and is finite. ) q exp (FA - rq'2) - F-s asat(q).. 78) - Fs asat(q) aq q.. [exp (F - rq'2) - exp (FA - rq'2)] -Fssat(q) [-2Fr qqexp(-Frq2) +( fr r q2 + 2Fr qq) exp( - Frq2)] , where asat(q) ..

5B. 84). 3. 6. 6 indicate that the leastsquares-type estimation rule promotes better transient performance than the standard gradient update law. 3. 5B. The desired set- 34 2. Control Techniques for Friction Compensation point was selected to be qd = 90 deg. 1. 8, respectively. 7 clearly indicates asymptotic regulation with a very small steady-state error. 8, settle down to constant values after a brief transient period. 2 will now be considered. Specifically, we will consider a second-order, SISO mechanical system with nonlinear load dynamics and a nonlinear, dynamic friction model.

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