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By Edward Willett

A conflict FOR SURVIVAL ON a far off WATER global After a world catastrophe moves Earth, the planet is taken over through a fanatical non secular theocracy. Scientist Victor Hansen flees with a employees of non-genetically transformed people and younger participants of his newly created race, the Selkies, to Marseguro, a far off water global. yet their peace and freedom is threatened while a traitor calls forth a strike strength from Earth, and Victor's personal grandson, Richard, is with them. What Richard Hansen discovers may well regulate not just his personal future yet that of Marseguro and Earth to boot.

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Underwater dancing. ” He burst out laughing again. ” Amy’s grin had faded before it fully formed. ” She looked at Emily. ” “I’m not, either,” Emily said. “Mom, Dad, I know you want us to go into the sciences. Mom, I know you want a third-generation geneticist in the family. But that’s just not what I’m interested in. And Marseguro has come a long way since you chose your specialization. We’ve been here half a century now. It’s time we focused on the arts a little bit more. Dr. Naborikov says that—” Her parents’ laughter had died as she spoke.

Probably a computer-generated image. ” said Rasmusson. “We’ve got them,” Cheveldeoff said. ” He explained succinctly. ” Rasmusson (or his CG image) looked thoughtful. ” “I know,” Cheveldeoff said. “But he’s the Grand Deacon in command. There’s no way to not involve him. ” The Right Hand nodded. “Well, this is excellent news. ” He moved as if to switch off communications, then paused. “And move quickly, Sam. News of the Avatar’s condition is leaking out. Just rumors, so far. We’re countering with misinformation about a viral attack that has left him bedridden but still fully functional and in command.

He’d done everything he could to make the mission a success, but he’d almost fatally overstepped his authority at one point during a meeting between Ellers and Cheveldeoff to which he had been invited as Cheveldeoff’s soon-to-be observer. Ellers planned to take a single ship, and Richard had wondered out loud if one would be enough. Ellers’ response had been withering. “It’s a Lebedoff-class multipurpose assault craft. It carries two hundred troopers plus their equipment, three fully armed assault craft and four unarmed cargo/personnel shuttles.

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