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Download Medical Imaging: Signals and Systems by Jerry L. Prince PDF

By Jerry L. Prince

For classes in scientific imaging structures. With sign processing as its starting place, this article covers crucial imaging modalities in radiology: projection radiography, x-ray computed tomography, nuclear medication, ultrasound imaging, and magnetic resonance imaging. prepared into elements to stress key total conceptual divisions, scientific Imaging is the best option for engineering scholars who've taken the prerequisite indications and structures classes in addition to uncomplicated likelihood.

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The 3-D object is represented by a collection of voxels; the 2-D image is made up of pixels. In this example, the image is a slice through the 3-D object. Voxel Slice Volume in its radiological image, then we would say that the resolution of the system is poor. Precise definitions of resolution will be introduced in Chapter 3. The concept of a point source in one dimension is known as the 1-D point impulse, δ(x), which is defined by the following two properties: δ(x) = 0 , ∞ −∞ x = 0, f (x)δ(x) dx = f (0) .

These pulses travel into the soft tissue of the body and reflect back to the transducer. The time-of-return of these pulses gives information about the location (depth) of a reflector, and the intensity of these pulses gives information about the strength of a reflector. By rapidly moving or scanning the transducer or its acoustical beam, real-time images of cross sections of soft tissue can be generated. Ultrasound imaging systems are comparatively inexpensive and completely noninvasive; therefore, these systems are widespread and in common usage.

In such systems, medical images are not treated as continuous functions, but as discrete functions. We will have more to say about this in Chapter 3. Here, we introduce these two critical functions in relation to the other functions being introduced in this chapter. 6)], we could ‘‘pick off’’ the value of a function at a single point. In nearly all medical imaging modalities, we need to pick off values not just at a single point but on a grid or matrix of points, a process that is called 19 20 Chapter 2 Signals and Systems sampling.

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