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Download Medicine The Definitive Illustrated History by Steve Parker PDF

By Steve Parker

Medication tells the interesting tale of the self-discipline, from precedent days to the current day, charting advancements in therapeutic, analysis, surgical procedure, and medicine in a vividly visible and available layout. stick with the gory pitfalls and the impressive breakthroughs of clinical historical past from trepanning, bloodletting, and physique snatching to the most recent advancements in IVF and gene treatment. transparent diagrams clarify significant ailments, comparable to melanoma, and increase knowing of human anatomy, surgical tools, and the development of therapy over the centuries, atmosphere the nice milestones of scientific background of their wider social context. A complementary illustrated reference part profiles the entire major physique structures and organs and explains their relevance by way of the development of drugs. A compelling mixture of riveting tales, obtainable info, and amazing illustrations, drugs exhibits and tells how drugs has developed into the lifesaving self-discipline it's at the present time.

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Occasionally, and returns to Pergamon for a time. 166 The Antonine Plague (probably smallpox or measles) sweeps across Europe. Galen writes extensively about the effects and possible treatments for this plague. A similar epidemic appears in 198 CE. ■ 169 Recalled to Rome by Emperor Marcus Aurelius to become his personal physician, which he does until Aurelius dies in 180 CE. ■ 170 Becomes physician to Emperor Aurelius’ son and heir Commodus until his death in 192 CE. ■ 191 A large number of his writings are destroyed in a fire at the Temple of Peace in Rome.

As with Susruta, the historical details of Charaka’s life are unclear. The Charaka Samhita has more than 110 chapters divided into eight sections, and is written in verse to aid memorization. 36– 37), the treatise instructs physicians on how to examine a patient and make a diagnosis, and also recommends treatments. Most of the remedies emphasize lifestyle, hygiene, exercise, and diet, as well as herbal and mineral-based medicines. ◁ Human body chakras The seven chakras are spinning centers of energy—part of the etheric realm—aligned along the middle of the body.

430–427 bce Helps fight the plague in Athens for three years. Recommends lighting fires to dry the atmosphere and boiling water before consumption. ■ 431–404 bce Helps cure the injured in the Peloponnesian War. He excels at surgery, including that of the skull, and also at setting fractures and mending dislocations. AN 11TH-CENTURY EDITION OF HIPPOCRATIC TREATISES ON FRACTURES AND ON JOINTS ■ 420–370 bce Around 60 books including textbooks, lectures, and essays, are written during this period, and later collated in the Library of Alexandria.

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