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Download Mercury - The Quick Planet by Isaac Asimov PDF

By Isaac Asimov

Describes the features of the small planet closest to the solar whose day is two times so long as its yr.

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D. Howe Building Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1A1, Canada 4800 Oak Grove Drive Pasadena, California 91109 NASA Kennedy Space Center Educational Services Office Kennedy Space Center, For catalogs of slides, posters, Hansen Planetarium South State Srreet Salt 30 Lake City, Utah 841 1 Florida 32899 and other astronomy materials: Sky Publishing Corporation 49 Bay State Road Cambridge, Massachusetts 02238-1290 Glossary thousands of asteroids in the Solar system, some as very small planets circling the Sun in their own orbits, some as meteoroids, and some possibly as "captured" moons of planets such as Mars.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. 6 days. It rotates three times tor every two trips it makes around the Sun. Because Mercury rotates so slowly, the Sun stays up in Mercury's sky far longer than in Earth's sky. So from Mercury's surface, a solar "day" (sunrise to sunrise) lasts 176 days. ** Multiply your weight by this number to find out how much you would weigh on this planet. 29 1 More Books About Mercury Here are more books that contain information about Mercury. interested in them, check your library or bookstore.

Mercury may not be a planet that we would ever think of living on. It's just too close to the Sun. But it would be wonderful to explore more of the inner reaches of our Solar system, as well as its outer reaches. Mercury would be a perfect place to continue that search. Tiny Mercury — small, but not a lightweight We used to think smallest planet. Mercury was the Now we know Pluto even smaller. Even so, Mercury is smaller than some moons. Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede, and Saturn 's largest moon, Titan, are both larger than Mercury.

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