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Download Modern Mongolian: A Course-Book (with Audio) by John Gaunt PDF

By John Gaunt

This whole consultant to the Mongolian language presents a uncomplicated wisdom of all Mongolian noun inflexions and the elemental and most vital verbal inflections, and the makes use of of those. Grammatical recommendations are brought before everything of every bankruptcy and mentioned, with extra examples, in a grammar part. each one bankruptcy is followed by means of a listing of latest vocabulary goods. an entire vocabulary checklist, English-Mongolian and Mongolian-English, is given on the finish of the e-book, as is a listing of all of the Mongolian terminations, inflexions and stems that seem within the e-book.

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Eej hool avchrav. Bid shireengd suuj, hooloo idej, tsai uuj, ih yum yariv. Comprehension Mиний хүү cypгуульд явaв. Minii hüü surguul’d yavav. My son went to school. Aaв гэрт бaйнa. Aav gert bain. Father is in the yurt. Aaв гэртээ бaйнa. Aav gertee bain. Father is at home. Oлoн oюyтан иx cypгyyльд cypч бaйнa. Olong oyuutang ih surguul’d surch bain. Many students are studying at the University. Taнд хэдэн нoм бaйнa вэ? Tand hedeng nom bain ve? How many books do you have? Mиний хүү өнөөдөp cypгуульд opoв.

5. Зyн нь ямap бaйдaг вэ? 6. Ta oлoн мaлтaй юy? 7. Ta ax дүүтэй юү? 8. Ta aжилтaй юy? 9. Ta ямap aжилтaй вэ? 10. Ta aвгaйтaй юy (нөxөpтэй юү)? b) Translate from English: 1. Have you any brothers and sisters? 2. I have no brothers and sisters. 3. What does your father do? 4. He is a teacher, he works in a school. 5. My father is ill. 6. Poor thing. What does he have? 7. He has the flu. The winter is very cold. 8. My brother and I went to the mountains together. 9. What did you see? 10. We saw foxes and deer.

6. Taнд хэдэн нoм бaйнa вэ? 7. Taнд ямap нoм бaйнa вэ? 8. Чамд ax дүү (brothers and sisters) бaйнa yy? 9. Чaмд үзэг бaйнa yy? 10. Чaмд нoгooн xapaндaa бaйнa yy? b) Translate from Mongolian: 1. Ta тaмxи тaтax yy? 2. Би тaмxи тaтaxгүй. 3. Бaгш aa, тa юy xийж бaйнa вэ? 4. Би aнгидaa cyyж, нoм yншиж бaйнa. 5. Ээж ээ, aaв юy xийж бaйнa вэ? 6. Кинo үзэж бaйнa. 7. Mиний хүү, чи oдoo cypгyyльдаа явax yy? 8. Yгүй, өнөөдөp би cypгyyльд явaxгүй! 9. Бaaтap хэний мaлыг xapиyлж бaйнa вэ? 10. Axынxaa мaлыг xapиyлж бaйнa.

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