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Download Multithreading Applications in Win32: The Complete Guide to by Jim Beveridge PDF

By Jim Beveridge

Utilizing a number of threads, you could create high-performance servers, construct extensions for net servers, make the most of multiprocessor platforms, construct refined gadgets in OLE and COM, and increase software responsiveness. Writing such software program calls for greater than concept and a reference guide; it calls for a accomplished knowing of ways every thing matches jointly and a consultant to what works and what does not. Multithreading is supported below home windows NT and home windows ninety five and later during the Win32 API, yet assurance of this crucial subject has been sporadic and incomplete before. In Multithreading functions in Win32, with simply enough conception and plenty of pattern code, Jim Beveridge and Bob Wiener exhibit builders while, the place, and the way to take advantage of multithreading. incorporated within the booklet are: *Internet improvement examples, together with ISAPI and WinSock. *Hands-on assurance of ways to exploit threads and overlapped I/O for server improvement. *How to take advantage of the C run-time library and MFC in a multithreaded atmosphere. *Examples in C and C++. *Comparisons to UNIX for builders transitioning from UNIX to Win32.The linked website comprises the code and pattern functions from the ebook, together with code that works with web WinSock. 0201442345B04062001

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For a linked list that is used often throughout a program, the odds are very good that the race condition will cause problems several times a day. Atomic Operations It is necessary to plan for and prevent race conditions while you are writing code. The hard part is identifying where race conditions can happen. After working in C or C++ for any length of time, it is often hard to remember that you are working in a high-level language and that the processor is operating at a much lower level. When you are concerned about race conditions, forgetting about the "low levels" just once can lead to a bug that is extremely difficult to find and fix.

You can find the source code for MTVERIFY in Appendix A. Although these sample programs have been tested, you will find this error checking invaluable if you make modifications to these programs and try things out for yourself. The sample in Listing 2-5 shows MTVERIFY in action. This sample is similar to the last listing, except that the call to CloseHandle () has been switched around with the call to GetExi tCodeThread ( ) in order to cause GetExi tCodeThread ( ) to fail. Listing 2-5. c * * Demonstrate the MTVERIFY macro.

It is never safe to assume that a statement in C will completely finish without a context switch happening somewhere in the middle. There are several ways that the routine as written could fail. It is possible that a context switch could happen between the comparison on line 8 and the jump on line 9. Another thread could enter this routine even though this thread was about to set the flag. The routine could then fail if a context switch happened after lines 20 or 21. Chapter 1 • Why You Need Multithreading 19 An operation that will complete without ever being interrupted is called an atomic operation.

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