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Download Navigating in Educational Contexts: Identities and Cultures by Freema Elbaz-Luwisch (auth.), Anneli Lauriala, Raimo Rajala, PDF

By Freema Elbaz-Luwisch (auth.), Anneli Lauriala, Raimo Rajala, Heli Ruokamo, Outi Ylitapio-Mäntylä (eds.)

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HDUQLQJDQG,QGLYLGXDO'LIIHUHQFHV220–230.    Educating the human brain. :DVKLQJWRQ '& $PHULFDQ Psychological Association.   7HPSHUDPHQWGHYHORSPHQWDQGSHUVRQDOLW\Current Directions in Psychological 6FLHQFH207–212. , pp. DXIPDQ6(  7HDFKHUFKLOGUHODWLRQVKLSTXDOLW\7KHUROHVRIFKLOG temperament and teacher-child interactions. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 24, 107–120. 6LOYHU 5 % 0HDVHOOH - 5 $UPVWURQJ - 0  (VVH[ 0 -   7UDMHFWRULHV RI FODVVURRP H[WHUQDOL]LQJEHKDYLRXU&RQWULEXWLRQVRIFKLOGFKDUDFWHULVWLFVIDPLO\FKDUDFWHULVWLFVDQGWKHWHDFKHU child relationship during the school transition.

That identity is formed in relationship with others and involves emotions 3. that identity is shifting, unstable and multipleDQG 4. that identity involves the construction and reconstruction of meaning through storiesRYHUWLPH SLWDOLFVDGGHG  5RGJHUV DQG 6FRWW DUJXHG WKDW LPSOLFLW LQ WKHVH DVVXPSWLRQV LV WKDW WHDFKHUV VKRXOGµPDNHDSV\FKRORJLFDOVKLIWLQKRZWKH\WKLQNDERXWWKHPVHOYHVDVWHDFKHUV¶ S   EXW WKH\ DOVR IRXQG WKDW WKLV SV\FKRORJLFDO VKLIW LV D µEODFN ER[¶ DERXW ZKLFKZHNQRZOLWWOH,WLVRIFRXUVHDGLI¿FXOWSV\FKRORJLFDOVKLIWEHFDXVHVXFK DVKLIWDSSHDUVWRUHVXOWLQDSURIHVVLRQDOLGHQWLW\WKDWLVXQVWDEOHDQGPXOWLSOH,Q WKHLU UHYLHZ RQ UHVHDUFK RQ WHDFKHUV¶ SURIHVVLRQDO LGHQWLW\ %HLMDDUG HW DO   QRWHGWKDW [Teacher identity] can be best characterized as an ongoing process, a process of interpreting oneself as a certain kind of person and being recognized as VXFKLQDJLYHQFRQWH[W,QWKLVFRQWH[WWKHQLGHQWLW\FDQDOVREHVHHQDVDQ DQVZHUWRWKHUHFXUUHQWTXHVWLRQµZKRDP,at this moment"¶ S  And Parker Palmer (1998) stated that ‘identity is a moving intersection of the inner DQGRXWHUIRUFHVWKDWPDNHPHZKR,DP¶ S 5RGJHUVDQG6FRWW  IRXQG that most studies about teacher identity and identity formation were theoretical in nature and that empirical studies were rather scarce.

GXFDWLRQDO6WXGLHV(4), 361–378. RQJ VHFRQGDU\ VFKRROV $VLD3DFL¿F -RXUQDO RI 7HDFKHU(GXFDWLRQ(3), 253–270. 6OHHJHUV3 9DQGH9HQ3+  2QHWHDFKHU¶VLGHQWLW\HPRWLRQVDQGFRPPLWPHQW WRFKDQJH$FDVHVWXG\LQWRWKHFRJQLWLYHDIIHFWLYHSURFHVVHVRIDVHFRQGDU\VFKRROWHDFKHULQWKH context of reforms. 7HDFKLQJDQG7HDFKHU(GXFDWLRQ, 917–934. 9HHQPDQ6$0  3HUFHLYHGSUREOHPVRIEHJLQQLQJWHDFKHUVReview of Educational Research, 54, 143–178. 54 CHAPTER 4 LEARNING AND TEACHING ON SPACESHIP EARTH: THE SEARCH FOR SUSTAINABLE VALUES IN EDUCATION Michael Kompf This paper offers some perspectives about the shifting place and status of values in education as globalisation affects the activities, participants and stakeholders in learning and teaching.

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