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Download .Net web services architecture and implementation by Keith Ballinger PDF

By Keith Ballinger

Addresses the problem of why internet prone exist, and the way to create them utilizing Microsoft .NET. incorporates a lot of code and plenty of operating examples. Softcover.

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Some transports other than HTTP, such as SMTP, will require that you don't receive a response, because those transports by their very nature are one-way. NET allows you to build XML Web services that can receive these one-way messages. Because these messages are over HTTP, an HTTP status code is returned (202 Accepted), but no other message is returned. Only methods that return void can be one-way operations. Other than that, you merely need to set the OneWay property of the SoapDocumentMethodAttribute or SoapRpcMethodAttribute attribute to true.

1. The Add Web Reference Dialog Box 51 52 This dialog box works similarly to Internet Explorer or any other browser. You type a location, and then the process displays that location in the left-hand window. It also inspects the location to see if it is a DISCO document, a WSDL file, or an HTML page that links to a DISCO document. exe on that location. If during this discovery process, the process finds a WSDL, then it enables the Add Reference button. 2). By default, the actual proxy class created isn't displayed in Solution Explorer.

In a nutshell, a SOAP header is an extensible piece of XML that may or may not be intended for the final recipient of the SOAP message. Usually, it contains out-of-band information that is not directly related to the message found within the SOAP body itself. 15. NET Web Services is simplicity itself. You need to: 1. Protocols. SoapHeader class that accurately serializes into the SOAP you are looking for. 2. Add a member variable of that type to your class. 3. Use the [SoapHeader] attribute on any methods with which you want the header to be used.

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