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Download Nondifferentiable optimization (Mathematical programming by M.L. Balinski, Philip Wolfe (editors) PDF

By M.L. Balinski, Philip Wolfe (editors)

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Proceedings of the IFIP Conoress 74 (North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1974) pp. 552-556. P. W. P. Bertsekas, "Combined primal-dual and penalty methods for convex programming", SIAM Journal on Control, to appear. W. P. , December 1973, pp. 428-432. T. Polyak, "Minimization of unsmooth functionals", ~,urnal Vy~islitel'noi Matematiki i Matemati~eskoi Fiziki 9 (3) (1969) 509-521. D. Powell, "A method for nonlinear constraints in minimization problems", in : R. , Optimization (Academic Press, New York, 1969) pp.

Received Revised manuscript received 28 April 1975 Properties of the sum of the q algebraically largest eigenvalues of any real symmetric matrix as a function of the diagonal entries of the matrix are derived. Such a sum is convex but not necessarily everywhere differentiable. A convergent procedure is presented for determining a minimizingpoint of any such sum subject to the condition that the trace of the matrix is held constant. An implementation of this procedure is described and numerical results are included.

Minimization o f nondifferentiable sums o f eiflenvalues f'(d, w) = max {(u, w>: u e G(d)}. 3), f'(d, w) is the support function of the set G(d) and of the convex set Of(d). Therefore, Of(d) = conv G(d). 5 expresses G(d) in terms of any orthonormal set of eigenvectors Y = {Yl ..... y,} of A + D. 5. For any orthonormal set of eigenvectors Y = {Yl ..... lr+ 1 G(d) = {u: u = T(Yt(d,O)) + T(Y2(d,O)H)for some ,,l-I e--r+s+l}. -,Yq-,-1} and Y2(d, 0 ) = {y~_~..... y~+~}, where r and s are the interior and exterior multiplicities of 2q(A + D), and H ,r §+ s + l is the set of all (r + s + 1) x (r + 1) matrices with orthonormal columns.

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