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Download Occupational Health Practice by H. A. Waldron PDF

By H. A. Waldron

...the definitive occupational drugs textbook for all thoseworking within the box or getting ready for examinations... covers suchtopics as 'biological tracking and genotoxicity', melanoma in theworkplace, male reproductive results, and so forth.

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20. Have you ever had any illness which required admission to hospital? YES/NO If'YES', please give further details: 21. Have you ever had any major operations? YES/NO If'YES', please give further details: 22. Have you ever had an accident which required admission to hospital? 1 Pre-placement health questionnaire 13 14 Occupational Health Practice 23. Are you at present having any treatment from your doctor? YES/NO If'YES1, please give further details: 24. Are you on the Disablement Register? YES/NO If'YES', what is your disability?

In order to make the animals hypersensitive, they are first exposed to a rather high dose of the test compound. After an 'induction period' without exposure, the animals are then exposed a second time to a low, non-irritating dose. After this challenge dose, the animals are examined with regard to the possible development of allergic contact dermatitis. Sensitization can occur also after other routes of exposure (notably inhalation), but so far, inter- 28 Occupational Health Practice nationally accepted testing guidelines have only been developed for allergic contact dermatitis.

It is useful to encourage a return to work as quickly as possible in these cases, stressing the likely therapeutic benefit to be expected, and the disadvantages that too long an absence from work may have on job security. ) If possible, a gradual return to work, phased over a few days or weeks, may be helpful, provided that the individual's manager agrees. Redeployment may be another means whereby an employee may be persuaded to return to work, but in the streamlined economies of western Europe this option is becoming rather constrained.

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