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Download Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer Study Guide by Richard M. Reese PDF

By Richard M. Reese

In-depth realizing of Java during the exam of items and strategies. large code examples and figures to demonstrate key ideas in Java SE 7 together with reminiscence utilization. extra insurance of fine programming and layout practices as they relate to the certification ambitions. step by step assurance of certification examination issues in a simplified and easy-to-learn demeanour.

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Info Java Data Types and Their Usage The Currency class is used to control the formatting of currency. Another recommendation regarding currency representation is based on the number of digits used. Number of digits Recommended data type Less than 10 Integer or BigDecimal Less than 19 Long or BigDecimal Greater than 19 BigDecimal Floating point numbers can be a significant source of problems in most languages. 1 cannot be accurately represented in base two. This means we must always be vigilant when working with floating point numbers.

Info Getting Started with Java Methods All executable code executes either within an initializer list or a method. Here, we will examine the definition and use of methods. The initializer list is discussed in Chapter 6, Classes, Constructors, and Methods. Methods will always be contained within a class. The visibility of a method is controlled by its access modifiers as detailed in the Access modifiers section. Methods may be either static or instance. Here, we will consider instance methods. As we will see in Chapter 6, Classes, Constructors, and Methods, static methods typically access static variables that are shared between objects of a class.

Most of the time, a member variable is declared as private and a method is declared as public. However, the existence of the other access types implies other potential ways of controlling the visibility of a member. These usages will be examined in Chapter 7, Inheritance and Polymorphism. info Getting Started with Java In the Customer class, all of the class variables were declared as private and all of the methods were made public. toString()); As these methods were declared as public, they can be used with the Customer object.

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